rice peak turned into chiva falls

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rice peak turned into chiva falls

Unread postby tucson4runner01 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:24 pm

so myself and one other truck met in oracle this morning at 8 am. we headed up to the rice peak trail and drove on that for a while. it was really lame driving up there but nice scenery. we then got bored so hurried up the back side of mount lemmon. we played a bit on some "obsticles" along the road. unfortunanty not much up there to play on. when we ended up in summerhaven we stoped for lunch at the peak past the ski resort. it was still early so we then went to chiva falls. that was nice. finally some good wheeling plus there was a bit of water so it made it very cool. overall pretty standard day until i get back onto reddington rd for no more than 10 minutes along something breaks. i was able to get it out of 4wheel drive and limp back to the northwest side of tucson. from what i can tell something in the transfer case broke. there's fluid everywhere and 4wheel drive no longer works. im just glad it didnt give out while on the trail.

btw no real good pics, mostly scenery but i do have some that ill post... eventually.
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