1993 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2L-Need Help

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1993 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2L-Need Help

Unread postby davebrigg » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:21 pm

I just joined because 1leglance with AZFJ said you are a good group and nearer to me than the Phoenix Org.
I am disabled, low income and and am used to working on older (non computerized) vehicles.
I have 4 warning lights glaring at me from the dash and could use some help or at least some expert advice. Check engine,brake,rear anti-lock brake and now o2. It has 180K miles on it. I changed the o2 sensor since it was something that I could do by myself and it did not help. I was told the Check Engine was EGR valve related. A friend helped me remove and clean the carbon out of it and that did not change anything. The brake fluid was bad so we changed the fluid and did a rear brake job. Also it has 4 wheel disk brakes. I paid this guy $200 for this help and to stop oil leaks. It was a waste of money. I also live in Patagonia. Can anyone give me a hand?
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Unread postby Triathlete » Tue Dec 22, 2009 10:54 am

For Isuzu related info Planet Isuzoo is a great site...http://forum.planetisuzoo.com/.
You will probably get a lot more responses there. Hope you get 'er fixed.
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Re: 1993 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.2L-Need Help

Unread postby DUMASS » Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:10 pm

have you read codes?

autozone has a code reader you can borrow with a deposit. It's easy. With the codes you can google the solution pretty easily.

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