Help Wildlife Rehab of NW Tucson recover & rebuild

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Help Wildlife Rehab of NW Tucson recover & rebuild

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So I was looking at google maps about this article in the paper, and when I zoomed in, here's a plane.

Take a minute, maybe you can help. ;) ... rebuild--2
NW Tucson wildlife sanctuary rebuilding after devastating fire
Janet Miller, who operates Wildlife Rehabilitation in Northwest Tucson, lost part of her home and is living elsewhere until it is safe to live on the site again on April 16, 2017. Several weeks after a fire ravaged the sanctuary work is underway to rebuild while continuing the task of rehabilitating those that were rescued. Meanwhile, some animals that escaped the deadly fire are at other homes. However, a number of birds of prey are still housed at the refuge. Volunteers are working to raise funds and rebuild.

Caitlin Schmidt Arizona Daily Star
Apr 23, 2017 Updated 37 min ago

Over the past 20 years, thousands of injured birds and critters have been quietly nursed back to health at a wildlife sanctuary nestled in the hills of northwest Tucson.

On the night of March 30 a fire ripped through the center, killing multiple animals and destroying structures, equipment, food and supplies the Wildlife Rehabilitation in Northwest Tucson relied on to operate.

Wildlife Rehabilitation of Northwest Tucson

The goal of Wildlife Rehabilitation of Northwest Tucson is to provide experienced care for injured and orphaned wild birds and mammals so that they can be released back into the wild. For assistance with an injured bird or mammal, please call 520-743-0217, briefly explain the situation, being sure to repeat your name and phone number before ending the call.

Contact Information: Lewis and Janet Miller, 3690 Hills of Gold, Tucson, Arizona 85745; 520-743-0217. ... tation.htm
Lewis Miller Rescuing a Brown Pelican from an Arizona Park

How to help

To make a donation to Wildlife Rehabilitation in Northwest Tucson, visit the fundraising site at

Checks and money orders can be made out to WRNT/Janet Miller and mailed to:
WRNT c/o Dee Roberts
P.O. Box 86045
Tucson, AZ 85754

To volunteer services or supplies, contact Nancy Chilton at ... rebuild--2

Help Wildlife Rehab of NW Tucson recover & rebuild
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