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Fundamental (or rudimentary) numeracy skills include understanding of the real number line, time, measurement, and estimation. Fundamental skills include basic skills (the ability to identify and understand numbers) and computational skills (the ability to perform simple arithmetical operations and compare numerical magnitudes).

More sophisticated numeracy skills include understanding of ratio concepts (notably fractions, proportions, percentages, and probabilities), and knowing when and how to perform multistep operations. Two categories of skills are included at the higher levels: the analytical skills (the ability to understand numerical information, such as required to interpret graphs and charts) and the statistical skills (the ability to apply higher probabilistic and statistical computation, such as conditional probabilities). ... orld-elite
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"The rub is what happens if the losses from the revolution are sufficient to stifle economic demand for the products churned out by machines. One reason to fear this is that the number of people affected could be higher than once thought. McKinsey & Co. researchers estimate that by 2025 robots or automated software will be able to do the jobs of 140 million knowledge workers."

Image ... llion-jobs
Administrative and office jobs will account for two-thirds of the losses, with "routine white-collar office functions at risk of being decimated," and there will be gains in computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering-related fields. Women will be disproportionately hit by the changes because of their low participation in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. ... ldane-says
The U.K.’s deteriorating numeracy is a particular problem, Haldane said. As many as 17 million adults have math skills comparable to that of a primary-school child, and this skills deficiency costs the economy as much as 20 billion pounds ($30 billion) a year.

In summation, you can no longer expect to laugh at:

when you can't count to potato either, and expect to be paid to update your biometric registry and geotrack algorithms.

tl;dr life is all about ratios
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American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382,442
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