Bronze Star combat dog shot and killed by bicyclist

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Bronze Star combat dog shot and killed by bicyclist

Unread postby DUMASS » Sat Oct 17, 2015 6:35 pm

A bomb-sniffing combat dog named Mike survived two tours of duty in Iraq but not the streets of a bucolic little town in Wyoming. ... n-wyoming/
Bronze Star combat dog who suffered from PTSD is shot and killed by bicyclist ... oming.html
A bomb-sniffing combat dog who earned two Bronze Stars during two tours in Iraq in a Special Operations Forces unit was shot dead by a bicyclist in Wyoming who felt the hero canine was a threat.

Mike, a nine-year-old Belgian Malinois, was killed in the small town of Powell while his owner and service partner, retired Army Ranger Matthew Bessler, 43, was hunting in the Bighorn Mountains.

A friend was staying at Bessler's house and was watching Mike and Bessler's other dog Ziva when the veteran canine somehow escaped and encountered the cyclist in the area outside of the home.

RIP Major Mike- Hero Service Dog

What, if anything, will happen remains unclear, but a GoFundMe account for Mike was created.

'We are a community coming together to mourn the loss of a brave military service dog, who deserves the honor to be laid to rest with a military funeral and burial,' according to the account.

'This soldier was found fatally wounded by his owner and friend Matt Bessler (also a military war veteran) after Matt returned home from a hunting trip.

'Major Mike is a former military combat dog that had served two tours of duty in Iraq.

'Please help us fund a funeral that will do this military war veteran the respect he deserves.'

Extra donations will be distributed to a program that honors and supports military war veterans.
Bessler seen playing with his other dog Ziva (left) and Mike (right) at his home in Powell in June of 2015 ... d-incident ... ach-other/
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