Who owns Arizona land?

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Who owns Arizona land?

Unread postby DUMASS » Sun Mar 06, 2016 1:59 am

https://arizonadailyindependent.com/201 ... -the-feds/

Part I of Who owns Arizona land? argued that AZ land use is a mess. The article illustrated the mess with a Land Use map showing lots of land that contributes little to the tax base. The map is colorful with lots of green (national forests and such,) lots of orange (Indian Nations,) lots yellow (mostly BLM Land,) and lots of blue (Land Trust land.) The map shows the tax base with: a little bit of white (private land) sprinkled hither and yon around Arizona. The map dramatizes the fact that Arizona officials are greatly constrained when it comes to generating revenue to serve Arizonians.

The URL below leads to an interactive version of the Land Use map. I love this map. I can zoom in or out and click on any spot to find out whether the land is private or owned by some government creature. You might try zooming to your neighborhood or clicking on little spots of white (private land) in the midst of great chunks of yellow or green. There are human stories lurking there.

http://gis.azland.gov/webapps/parcel/?l ... yers=3,1,0

Part II below describes more about the mess and then offers a big idea about what we can do to begin cleaning up the mess.
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