Need Shock Help

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Need Shock Help

Unread postby jchevy » Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:55 am

Im in the process of 4-linking the rear of my cherokee. I am really at a loss on what I want to do for shocks. I was looking at ballistics air shocks, but not sure they will support the weight of the rig. Im not sure what the weight of the jeep is. The roof and doors have been removed, but it has been caged. Stock drive train with a dana 300 behind the np231. Im thinking the weight the springs/shocks will be supporting is not much heavier than stock. Not sure what stock weight is though.

Any recomendations? I was trying to stay away from coil overs because of the cost. Anyone know what the ballistic shocks are rated to handle weight wise? Do thy build them to handle your rigs weight? I dont know much about it.
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